Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The birds

         The birds can relate to Martin Luther King Jr. in many ways.  Martin Luther King Jr. stood up for a common purpose and was willing to do anything it took to make a change.  In The Birds, all birds of differents species came together to stand for a common purpose.  They were willing to do anything it took to get to their target.  Both Martin Luther King Jr. and the birds united with people for what they believed in and stood up for their people.
         The birds can relat to the L.A. riots because of the way the birds acted.  When the trial came through in the case of the man being beaten by police officers, people were outraged.  They began wrecklessly fighting with anyone they saw and mercelessly beating people.  The birds were also wrecklessly attacking people for no reason.  It shows how anything can happen in the society we live in today.
        The birds can relate the the Energy Crisis because of how people needed things.  During the energy crisis people were not always able to get fuel for their vehicles.  In The Birds people were not able to get food and other necessities because the birds were attacking.  It shows that  while objects can control how a culture works they are not always dependable.  They also show that having the best items is not always better than having normal items.